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What if the flights of a drone fleet were managed fully automatically, without human intervention?

Flightware can do it.

We present software that allows you to automatically manage flights of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – both individual ones and entire fleet.

The components of the solution make it possible to carry out a mission consisting of one or more flights, starting from submitting a mission request, through verifying if it is feasible due to technical and meteorological conditions, to launching UAV and supervising its flight.

Flightware is a universal solution integrated with UTM system to control various flying platforms.

Ideal for use with innovative solutions in:

  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Search and rescue

How does it work?

Flightware is an innovative software, first in Poland, that allows for automatic flight management of unmanned aerial vehicles. This means that from the moment of take-off, the subsequent stages of the mission do not require human intervention – both the flight and the landing phase are supervised by algorithms.


The correct progress of the flight is controlled by a qualified operator. Flightware analyses flight and drone parameters in real time. Any deviation or dangerous event is reported to the operator, who analyses whether the event has an impact on safety and decides whether to initiate the appropriate emergency procedure.

Key features of Flightware

  • Processing of mission delivery
  • Management of missions
  • Control over multiple flights simultaneously
  • Monitoring flight parameters
  • Monitoring the infrastructure and operating parameters of drones
  • Maintenance planning
  • Historicization and archiving of data
  • Integration with UTM-class systems

Key components of Flightware


Used for placing orders for transport services. Using this application, the client can order a drone mission and receive information about the current status of the mission. <

Operator Panel

This is where flight requests are processed. The main user of the Panel is a qualified Operator. His role is to receive mission requests, verify the feasibility of the mission in terms of technical weather conditions, obtain permission to fly, decide on take-off and initiating emergency procedures.<

Administrator Panel

From this level, all system components are managed: devices, users, permissions and parameters.<

Maintenance Panel

Used to supervise the technical layer. Among other things, the system records the working time of individual infrastructure elements and helps to plan maintenance activities. <



You offer your customers new, innovative services

You eliminate the risk of human error

You have control over everything - Flightware integrates with your internal systems, and full service and mission data is collected in one place

When choosing the SaaS model, you do not have to invest in server infrastructure

Contact us and discover more benefits



You manufacture drones or use them to provide services? Become Flightware’s partner.

  1. You contact us.
  2. We agree on the terms, scope and method of integration.
  3. We sign a cooperation agreement.
  4. We perform joint tests.
  5. We define the offer and rules of cooperation jointly with the clients.

You have your own fleet of drones, but you are not using its full potential? Change it by integrating with Flightware.

  1. You contact us.
  2. We agree on the terms, scope and method of integration.
  3. We sign the agreement.
  4. We perform joint tests.
  5. Your drones are ready for new challenges.

A complete system for automatic cargo transport by drones. Get to know AirVein.

Airvein is the world’s first complete, autonomous transport system using drones. Designed for U-Space, which is the airspace in urban areas. It consists of a fleet of specialised, safe unmanned aerial vehicles, ground infrastructure and Flightware – advanced software that provides control of the entire system and reliable, redundant communication between its components.


Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne SA

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02-222 Warszawa
(Blue Office II, 5th floor)

Phone: +48 22 417 57 10
Email: pentacomp@pentacomp.pl

Marcin Węgrzyniak

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